Greetings Combatants

On the auspicious occasion of teacher’s day, we like to thank all the teachers of our soldiers, who gave the moral and ethical support to them to be the bravest souls of our nation. We respect our soldiers and we respect those teachers who were/are a part of crafting the solitude soldiers.

Indian defence forces are considered as one of the best in the world and they have rightfully proved their mantle every time they’ve faced the foes.  They are motivated not to fight the enemy, but to protect what lies behind them; what they really love, their family and above all their motherland. We aim at bringing forward the forgotten history in its true colours to you all.

Soldiers do not become soldiers when they head for a war or breaking the air barriers or cruising the carriers. But in the hours, weeks, months and years they spend preparing for the combats, learning how to handle the situations and weapons they master and finally managing to be away from their beloved family. The victorious determination itself is merely the demonstration of their patriotism. When a soldier is beside you, the secured feeling is incomparable. Soldiers do have a life and their efforts deserve a salute of recognition. A small effort on conveying their endeavours and educating people on the Indian defence and world warfare is the motto of Life of Soldiers.

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