To expand its footprint in aerospace ecosystem in India, Saab has taken a key step forward by signing new Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with three of the country’s leading aerospace manufacturers. Dynamatic Technologies Limited, CIM Tools Private Limited and Sansera Engineering Limited, all of whom have a strong presence in the global supply chain, have been tapped by Sweden-based Saab AB.

The MoUs with CIM Tools and Sansera expand the existing working relationships with Saab on commercial aero structures to the Gripen fighter and other defence-related products in the Saab portfolio. The MoU with Dynamatic is a starting point to explore future joint opportunities in commercial and defence-related aero structures work, including Gripen.

Collaboration and knowledge-sharing are the keys to success when building a successful indigenous aerospace ecosystem. The new MoUs announced on 21 Feb 2019, on the side lines of Aero India – 2019, will enable Saab to work with the Indian companies to establish an indigenous, efficient, tailor-made manufacturing system that will develop, deliver and support state-of-the-art Gripen fighters in India for the Indian Air Force.

At various locations in India and Europe, Dynamatic Technologies Limited designs and builds highly-engineered products for automotive, aeronautic, hydraulic and security applications. With a wide range of capabilities including complex structural assembly, detailed parts manufacturing and engineering services, Dynamatic Technologies is firmly established as one of the leading private aerospace companies in India.

CIM Tools Private Limited is well-established as one of India’s leading aerospace manufacturing companies, providing components, detailed parts and sub-assemblies for aerospace primes worldwide.

Sansera Engineering Limited has its roots in the automotive industry providing highly efficient manufacturing and engineering of forged and machined components to prime global automotive companies. In 2010, using its knowledge of efficient and automated manufacturing, Sansera started production of aerospace components for leading companies in the aerospace sector.

Mats Palmberg, VP Industrial Partnerships and Head of Gripen for India addressing to the media stated that – “Saab’s Aerostructures business unit has had a successful relationship with CIM Tools and Sansera for several years. Based on that experience we see these two companies can add great value to our Gripen ‘Make in India’ offer. The MoU with Dynamatic adds the capabilities of complex airframe assembly to Saab’s ‘Make in India’ offer for Gripen.”