On April 8, 2024, in New Delhi, the Tri-service Conference,  “Parivartan Chintan,” took place. In order to develop new and creative ideas, initiatives, and reforms to further accelerate Jointness and Integration in the Armed Forces, the “Chintan” was organized as a brainstorming and idea incubation forum. The Indian Armed Forces are moving toward joint structures in order to be “Future Ready,” and jointness and integration are the cornerstones of this transformation.

Chief of Defence Staff Gen Anil Chauhan initiated the ‘Chintan’ by highlighting the need for developing a Joint Culture for the Armed Forces, which while respecting the uniqueness of each service, distils the best of each service to give a de-novo approach to traditional concepts.  He also stressed upon the need to integrate the capabilities of each service by creating structures that increase our efficiency and enhance our war fighting ability and interoperability.

Along with the commandants of the National Defence Academy, Defence Services Staff College, College of Defence Management, and Military Institute of Technology, the heads of the Armed Forces Special Operations Division, Defence Space Agency, Defence Cyber Agency, and the Defence Communication Agency also attended the Tri-Service Conference. The Headquarters Integrated Defence Staff led the brainstorming session.

Officers from all the three Services and Headquarters IDS, with diverse service experience also attended the discussion and contributed ideas towards initiating the next generation of reforms related to modernization, procurement, training, adaptation and collaboration while embracing emerging and innovative technologies. Inputs on National Strategic Issues impacting National Security in both the civil and military domains were also deliberated upon.