An important step toward aeronautical¬†technology self-reliance¬†has been made with the delivery to Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) of the first batch of the indigenous Leading Edge Actuators and Airbrake Control Module by DRDO’s Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA). For the present 83 LCA Tejas Mk1A order, the HAL, Lucknow has already started preparing for the construction of these units.

The state-of-the-art Servo-Valve based electro-hydraulic servo actuators and control modules are now a feature of the LCA-Tejas’ Secondary Flight Control, which includes the Leading Edge Slats and Airbrakes. The control module and high-pressure, redundant servo actuators are the result of ADA’s unwavering quest for in-house technological superiority. They are distinguished by their clever design, precise manufacturing, assembly, and testing.

ADA aims to attain self-reliance in these technologies by cooperation with Central Manufacturing Technology Institute (CMTI), Bengaluru, and Research Centre Imarat (RCI), Hyderabad. Leading Edge Actuators and Airbrake Control Modules have successfully completed their flight trials, clearing the path for production approval and allowing HAL to prepare for equipping the Mk-1A variant of LCA Tejas.

With the start of the production of these essential parts at the Accessories Division, HAL, Lucknow, India’s aerospace manufacturing capabilities have advanced significantly. This project has benefited greatly from notable contributions from the public and private sectors, notably Godrej Aerospace in Mumbai and certification organizations like CEMILAC and DGAQA.